Balancing the Mind BODY & SOUl

To be clear, deep tissue massage and sports massage is meant to be therapeutic; it's not simply for relaxation. It helps facilitate healing, keeps you balanced, and promotes wellness. The therapists at ReBalance Therapeutic Massage specialize in clinical massage and deep tissue therapy treatments designed to help you maintain an active and balanced lifestyle.


 30 Minute $40.00
60 Minute $60.00
90 Minute $90.00

Relaxation Massage

3-30 Minute $105.00
3-60 Minute $165.00
6-30 Minute $210.00

6-60 Minute $330.00

3-30 Minute  $120.00
3-60 Minute $195.00
6-30 Minute $240.00
6-60 Minute $390.00

Deep Tissue


Massage therapy is one step closer in the direction to helping you maintain and increase your overall health.  Each session at Re|Balance Therapeutic Massage is designed to meet your needs.  Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, are recovering from an injury, or are training and want to protect yourself from injury, you'll find our therapeutic massage sessions to be valuable.  Many different services are offered such as swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point, pre-natal, gereatic, and raindrop therapy. 

Swedish Massage                       Deep Tissue
30 Minute-$40.00                       30 Minute- $45.00
60 Minute-$65.00                       60 Minute-$75.00
90 MInute-$105                          90 MInute-$120.00

Raindrop Therapy                   Chair Massage
50 Minute-$75.00                     $60 per hour 
                                                        w/2hr minimum